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4/20/2009 6:38 PM

they are pissing me off! all you guys said you learned them in two weeks. i have been doing them everyday an hour a day at least. for a month and i still cant get them. I almost land the 180 part everytime but when i get into fakie i roll back like one foot then i put my foot down


4/20/2009 6:41 PM

practice the fakies alone that's how i learned
roll up a ramp or down a hill


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4/20/2009 6:42 PM

keep your feet on the pedals the whole time...
try to bail as little as possible...
when you turn to the 180 swing your head the direction your going and huck it...
good luck


i can out fakie anybody on vital........................dick and balls = lifee

4/20/2009 6:43 PM

how long did it take you to fakie.


4/20/2009 6:44 PM

xStreetBMXx wrote:

how long did it take you to fakie.

i could fakie very well before i could hop 180, then i got the 180 spinning part, but couldnt fakie out, thats deffinately the hardest part. i would go a little bit faster, it makes the fakie part easier although it is harder to do the 180


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4/20/2009 6:47 PM

I learned mine as fast as I got my bike,pretty much 3 days,dont take your feet off the pedals and rool back with the motion of your back wheel not all crazy-like



4/20/2009 6:50 PM

i dont know why but i just cant learn them.