1st custom build

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8/31/2017 1:07 PM

My newest bike is a 2010 helio that i love but after riding a frends 21.5 Hartbreaker i decided i had to have something similar so for this years winter project I'm building my 1st bike from the frame up! It took a few months but i got a hell of a deal on a new 21.8 Death Grip frame & man I'm stoked! Got a friend with loads of éclat parts so most everything else will come from him. I'm only short a set of cranks, tyres, seat & seat post. At 20.5 my old helio is one of the longer frame I've had so at my age & height (44 & 6'4) this new bike should be a real game changer for my riding!


8/31/2017 1:38 PM

I've got a pair of tires for sale... $40 for the pair. They are pretty much brand new...


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