2 Birds 1 Stone

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7/18/2015 11:53 PM

1 : Anthony Delarosa . Kid is fucked . His low profile part was insane . I love riding like that and he's had my eye for a while . What's with Brooklyn Machine Works ? Nigel rides for them too and he said he had a frame dropping but it never did . And what's the background ? Why do they ride for them . I don't see much content online .

2 : What's with Fit promoting all their products on Instagram ? Like the "FitSavageframe" and "FitMacpedals" as usernames . I love for but it seems desperate . I don't get it . It's like for every single signature part . Is it a weird promotional deal ? Not like the riders rep it enough already .. seems like a gimmick to me . No hate though .


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7/19/2015 1:56 AM

Merritt did that too. I think it's annoying and unnecessary. Ever heard of putting specs on a website?