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10/25/2013 10:56 PM

What is stronger?... my OG Mix hub, or an Eclat Pulse Cassette Hub, I am trying to trade my mix wheel with a alienation pbr rim and primo spokes for an Eclat Pulse wheel that has a sun rim, I want this wheel especially for the chrome rim (my brakes would work better) yes I know éclat makes burly ass shit but just what do you guys would think is generally stronger?

I sometimes watch hub sound videos on youtube, not that I care what it sounds like, but why do some hubs like my mix for example have a “lighter” or “less intense” clicking noise in terms of volume/loudness, and the éclat pulse has a deeper “more intense”, “heavier” clicking noise in terms of volume/loudness, it’s just how the internals are designed right? Or is it something else?

mix hub sound:

pulse hub sound:

Welp, broke past 1000... yeeeee

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10/26/2013 12:10 AM

The Pulse is a good hub, I would do that swap.


10/26/2013 1:18 AM

I'd keep the mix and buy a cheape chrome rim. Find a 2nd one and lace it up yourself.

The noise thing comes down to the internals and how worn in the springs are


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10/26/2013 1:20 AM

For the hub sound thing idk, I was going to say that the Mix is 4 pawl but I just looked up the Eclat and it is 4 pawl too, so idk just slightly different hub designs I guess. And yeah that swap seems good.


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