2 separate issues (not having luck recently)

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1/2/2014 3:34 PM

Firstly, i have a NEW chain on my Primo Mix (KMZ Z series) i think its a Z510! and it keeps popping every time i put my foot down while riding (like its popping/slipping on the driver) which is really annoying me as it is supposed to be a BMX chain? And the second issue is that my cone nut i have brought (drive side, Primo Mix Cone, non pro version) has ate itself in the driver for some strange reason, it wasn't super tight, enough for about 1-2mm play!? I know my wheel is falling apart but i tried ordering the parts to make the most out of it until summersad sucks that its not helping me sad

Can anyone help me with any knowledge of the problems listed and any resolutions to fix these issues ?

Many Thanks



1/2/2014 3:41 PM

Well if your chain is just making a grinding noise it's just because it's a new chain, after it wears in to your hub and sprocket the noise will lessen and hopefully go away.



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1/2/2014 3:51 PM

Its a really loud popping noise, it doesn't sound like the general wear in lol! hopefully it is:/


1/2/2014 3:58 PM

maybe it slipps on the driver, because it is too loose ? so it has "too much" room to move..


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1/2/2014 3:59 PM

Pics of chain puh-lease. Might be too small.


1/2/2014 4:10 PM

its not too loose, its of a nice tightness! and i will upload a pic tomorrow! is midnight here smile


1/2/2014 6:37 PM

Make sure your sprocket and driver is aligned well.