20" Subrosa Tiro 2012 to weak for a 260 lb man?

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11/1/2015 1:06 AM

I've had this bike for 3 years and haven't ridden much, was sidelined for 2 years with a bad ACL injury but I'm looking to get back into biking problem is I've gained 40 pounds since then. I've ridden it around town trying to get the feel back and it rides smooth but when I peddle quickly I can feel the sprocket clicking can that because of my weight? When I'm moving fast sometimes it buckles, dropping the chain off the grooves. I've tightened everything but the chain I'm having a hard time figuring out what's happening. I figure my best option is to take it on to a specialist and get a stronger crank or getting his input and get my chain tightened a link but before I do that what would you all recommend. I do not have tools for myself at the moment. Please, I just wanna ride even if it is with an average bike.


11/1/2015 1:09 AM

Sorry for not doing this on the first thread but here are some pictures of the bike. Photo


11/1/2015 2:39 AM

Wow, that chain of yours is way too long, normally, the chain should be in a straight line, man.

Easy matter to fix that though. Just unscrew those rear axle nuts, put it as far as it can go, and normally the chain should be nice and taunt. And the wheel needs to be straight and true, don't forget.

If you can pull the wheel out of the dropouts and the chain still won't tighten, you've got a real anaconda type chain! Bring it to the bike shop to shorten it.

As you don't have tools, bring it to the bike shop anyways and have them fix that. It's so easy that they shouldn't charge you anything... But if the chain needs shortening, then, well, it won't be expensive at all. Bike looks good to go.

Have fun and go smooth on the cream. If you are too heavy you can shred the chain and shatter the bike frame... Naw, just pulling your leg...


It doesn't matter where a train goes. It's decidin' to get on that does.

11/1/2015 3:11 AM

I figured the chain wasn't supposed to be in a U shape, really appreciate the advice man. You have a good day brotha!


11/1/2015 6:14 AM

You should be fine but yea like skylight said make sure that chain is nice and tight you will be able to tell a big difference.


11/1/2015 8:11 AM

I had the 2012 Salvador and cracked the frame all the way around the tt learning fly out 360s into grass after a year of riding it as an amateur. They're pretty low quality, but it will hold up for you aslong as it will, and it shouldn't like explode or anything. So don't worry about replacing it until then.


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