2009 Dk Helio

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1/19/2012 7:12 PM

So theres a stock 2009 dk helio on craigslist for $110. It has a 100% crmo frame forks nd bars. Sealed spanish bb. I cant really find too much info on it. Is it a good buy?


1/19/2012 7:17 PM

maybe for beginners, the frame & forks are both 4130 chromo so that's good



1/20/2012 5:34 AM

Offer him 75 and see if he takes it. Then if he doesnt tell him youll go 90 highest. He should take it. Its a pretty good buy if you can get it for those prices. Not sure if the hubs are sealed but the chromo frame, forks, bars, and decent looking cranks are worth it.