2009 we the people 4 sale

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5/24/2010 8:01 PM

2009 we the people 4 seasons.
bought it for around $550 and put atleast $600 worth of parts into it but bike and all my extra parts for $280 or make best offer.

all the parts that are not named are stock from when i bought the complete.
bars-kink badger v3 painted white
grips-animal edwins
bar ends-animal edwins
stem-eastern(the one that comes on the 2010 completes)
front rim-proper rim laced with shadow spokes and salt hub
pedals-steven hamilton unsealed
cranks-redline device painted white
chainwheel-eastern medusa v2 (25t)
chain-kmc heavy duty
back rim-fly rim laced to salt hub (9t)

all the extra parts:2 shadow lil ones pegs,animal glh tire,proper rim,proper front hub,demolition anorexia hub laced to single wall rim,shadow bar ends and the cranks that came on my wtp


5/24/2010 8:26 PM

eastern parts suck and break so easy