2015 parts releases

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5/12/2015 3:36 PM

What do you all think of what's been released this year? I'm hating but other products are on my list. The new influx of bars over nine inch rise is stupid as fuck. I get that people want that option, but every parts brand and their mother has these skyscraper bars. The million coasters and all these tires that inflate to baloons are also getting old, and every single one has been problematic (excluding merritt and profile, since they're relatively new). I do like things like the S&M X-Man sprocket, the Merritt Ft-1 tires and everything tree has done. Merritt seems to be a new dominating brand, and their sprockets are nice and they have lots of stuff. But lots of stupid trends continuing, some cool stuff, yea. My 2¢.


5/12/2015 3:45 PM

I have the s&m x-man sprocket its pretty solid.