2016 Kink Launch Bike

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9/26/2015 5:52 PM

I've been wanting a new bike, I'm just building onto my bike to sell it. I've really been looking into the 2016 Kink Launch Bike. In "Stang Blue", but I want to get everyone's opinion on the bike to see if it's worth replacing my bike for. Here's a link.


9/26/2015 7:32 PM

Just get a 2015 or 2014 complete instead as you'll get a lot more more your money. Try going full 4130 frame, forks and bars and sealed everything. Plus 20.25" is abit short ain't it?


9/26/2015 7:39 PM

Is the 2015 a 4130 frame? And are the forks and bars sealed? Idk how big 20.25 is, I really don't know anything about bikes. I'm new to this.


9/26/2015 9:53 PM

My local has the all black 2016 and it honestly looks so fucking sick . It caught my eye . Really look good , everything is just murdered out , but it looks good too . Longer grips , bigger tires , brakes , good gearing. If I had money I'd love to pick it up and just use it to cruise around or have it as a spare . The specs seem good .

Kink makes great bikes so if you want it I'd pick one up . Get a bike you want , not one that isn't cheaper. Just save up and enjoy what you get !


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