2017 Verde Neyer Pro Fork

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8/13/2016 6:25 PM

Just bought a 2017 Verde Neyer Pro Complete. Being delivered on Tuesday. Had a question about the fork.
FORK: 100% chromoly fork w/ custom 2-piece hydroformed steerer tube, tapered legs, threaded compression bolt

Says it 100% chromoly but it's a 2-piece hydroformed steerer tube. What does that really mean? I know its an entry bike but I think $495 shipped is a good price from danscomp.com. It was a spec I overlooked cause I saw 100% chromoly.

Did I make a mistake?


8/13/2016 6:33 PM

Forks are chromoly and the steerer tube was made by hydroforming . It's not a big concern . And que fellow member Sunday for his opportunity to preach about our Lord and Saviour Odyssey forks


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