22" frame choices?

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5/10/2014 11:51 PM

I am getting ready to start a new build, and am probably going to get another ATF to begin with, unless someone has a like new used frame they just have to get rid of. I am just severely limited on time lately, and some of you are experts on these things, so I would appreciate your knowledge! My Goal is to have a custom 22" STA by the end of June or July, but who knows? Your input and knowledge is appreciated, and thank you in advance!

Refs: Tito24, RiverSideRider, Stussy, Nettyspaghetti, Daniel24, Freddydapice, BrokenBMX, SuperstarDK, HardBMX_Tim. There's more, but I'm too lazy to look them up, haha.


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5/11/2014 6:35 AM

I don't know anyone looking to sell their 22" frames right now. There's a guy waiting to see how the 22" Mainlines work out to see if he's going to sell his ATF, so that's about a month down the road. But there is a guy selling a complete ATF that you might take a look at.
22" ATF

Indust has about a month wait on their frames. And no one is currently selling theirs either, that I know of. They're just so nice.