3 In 1 Oil For Drivers

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1/1/2015 10:29 PM

I just have a quick question, So I know Tri Flow is pretty much the #1 choice (in my book at least) for lubricant, I used to have a bottle of Tri Flow Superior Dry Lubricant and I ran out a while ago and that shit was perfect. But I wanna know if there is any reasonable substitute, I'm still gonna buy Tri Flow but just if I am not in the most convenient situation, what would an okay substitute be.

So would "3 in 1 oil" be alright for drivers? DW40 is obviously idiotic for drivers (just saying that to get that out of the way)

Anyway that is all I am asking, thanks for reading!


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1/1/2015 10:42 PM

Yes it will be fine, I used to use it all the time for mine. Although I added a bit of grease as well.


1/2/2015 12:32 AM

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1/2/2015 2:09 AM

Olive oil for the win.

On a serious note though, my mate used cooking oil for brake fluid on his dh bike


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1/2/2015 7:57 AM

It's 3 in one OIL
You GREASE you drivers and bearings...


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1/3/2015 9:03 AM

MidWestBMX wrote:

It's 3 in one OIL
You GREASE you drivers and bearings...


Honestly most greases are too thick and gum drivers up. A thinner grease or oil works a LOT better.


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