350 lb can still bike?

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10/20/2016 1:29 PM

I use to bmx a couple years ago but I let myself go a bit now I'm 350 and wanna get back into and maybe shed some weight off but will the bike be ok with that weight


10/20/2016 2:01 PM

Yes, as long as you have the right setup, you'll be fine.


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10/20/2016 3:17 PM

I started getting back into biking at about 320lbs...started on MTB just because it was what I had, but got onto my BMX right away and it was fine. Am now down to about 185ish (5 years later). Now I ride both decent. A lot of the MTB skills translated over to BMX as well

I had to adjust tire pressure and didn't do huge jumps and tricks until I shed more weight. It DEFINITELY helped me lose weight, but only b/c it was just forcing me to get out there. It wasn't the (directly) the tricks and jumps etc.

At that weight point, definitely make sure you have full chromo cranks and pedal axels. Definitely look for full chromo frame, fork, bars...double walled rims etc.


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10/20/2016 8:51 PM

make sure you get that lifetime warranty and no cheap shit haha


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10/21/2016 6:37 AM

^^^^ It's true. Lifetime warranties will save you.


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