3D printed sprocket

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8/8/2017 2:27 PM

Pretty dope stuff!

I can see this working for bar ends and brake levers as well

8/8/2017 2:59 PM

I've got a buddy who used to ride and he's a pretty keen fellow , also know as nerdy haha .... he fucks with this shit all the time , like half his apartment is 3D printers and wiring and workshop stuff . It's in his family too , to fix things and design stuff . Anyways he printed a Master Chief helmet himself , and I'm fairly certain he tried bar ends or a brake lever although it never went through .

It's definitely possible though , but plastic parts = no . I'm not expert but I'm fairly certain 3D printing parts is fairly similar to having a CNC design a stem or something


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8/8/2017 3:17 PM

Nice! I'd be like that too ... if I had the space...or the money laughing

Yeah, 3D printed plastic stuff isn't the most durable laughing
Not sure what kind of process or material this dude is using ... he dips the sprocket in some sort of liquid.

CNC subtracts material from a solid piece while 3D printing adds layer by layer ... weaker in my opinion.

But now that you mention it ... there are some pretty nifty desktop CNC machines like Nomad from Carbite.
One could easily CNC some aluminium or wood parts using that ... if they had the software handling skills laughing


8/8/2017 6:20 PM

3d Printing CAN do metals in certain applications...I would imagine this is the tip of the iceburg in making parts very cheap to make...

Besides, if you can get the material correct, theoretically you could print your own pegs, bar ends, pedal bodies, hub guards and so on. Sprockets would = no go for me until they can print metal ones. Then I would consider it if testing proved it to be just as durable.


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8/8/2017 7:41 PM

I'd try small parts for sure . If you can print a bar end and have the retail price of a grip / bar end go down by a buck or 2 instead of having one molded would be awesome , presuming quality would be the same.


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8/9/2017 7:48 AM

This is interesting as if its the right kinda plastic it could be a lot lighter and a lot more durable over time as plastic tends to flex as opposed to breaking like metal in the same applications. If the material is anything like some of the ABS used in remote control cars etc, I don't see this breaking as much as the teeth maybe wearing down quickly, would be interested to see how long he rides it for...


8/9/2017 7:14 PM

BcBMX80 wrote:

This is interesting as if its the right kinda plastic it could be a lot lighter and a lot more durable over time as plastic ...more

The teeth would be gone after a few miles of riding. I wouldn't say that's more durable. I don't think anyone would say that plastic is more durable than metal, in any application. Using plastic for a sprocket will never catch on. Riding every day, you'd have to replace it every week if your lucky. Too much hassle for me.


8/9/2017 7:41 PM

We need a 5 day update....