4 pegs and cassette

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1/8/2015 3:32 PM
Edited Date/Time: 1/8/2015 3:33 PM

anyone else ride this ive noticed a lot of riders that rode 4 pegs and cassette are now riding coasters any one still with me and riding 4 pegs and a cassette? i also run a gyro smile


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1/8/2015 3:42 PM

I used to in the summer but switched back to two until just recently, I bought 4 metals and got a coaster too.


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1/8/2015 3:43 PM

Used to be 4 pegs, cassette then added brakes then switched to coaster. I do miss cassette though.


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1/8/2015 4:01 PM

I'll be 4 pegs and a cassette for a while I think , but will go back to a coaster when I feel like ordering one .


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1/8/2015 4:14 PM

I run approximately 0 pegs


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1/8/2015 4:55 PM

3 pegs and a cassette here. There is a 100% chance I will never go to a free coaster.


1/8/2015 5:30 PM

I have a pretty weird setup, peg less with a straight cable and a coaster. Ran 2 plastic pegs but since I'm shit at working on bikes and my back wheel kept moving with the pegs, off they csme


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1/8/2015 8:13 PM

I run 2 pegs & a cassette brake-less


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1/8/2015 8:19 PM

sundaybmxRR wrote:

3 pegs and a cassette here. There is a 100% chance I will never go to a free coaster.

same, im not feeling the whole freecoaster hype.


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1/8/2015 9:26 PM

sunday bikes69 wrote:

same, im not feeling the whole freecoaster hype.

Riding them is fun, but I would never ever get one of my own.

Not that I wouldn't be able to adjust to one, but I don't have interest in doing anything that a free coaster gives you a huge advantage in. If anything, it would hinder my abilities more than help.

For instance, I don't care for half cabbing or fakie tricks down big stair sets/drops. I can half cab down little sets like 3 stairs with a cassette and I don't like that feels at all (Not the cassette part, the trick itself). Plus with the amount of crankflips & pedal pressure tricks I do, I'd probably explode a coaster the first week or 2 of having it.


1/8/2015 10:44 PM

My coaster is en route but I may change wheel every now and then tbh



1/9/2015 9:31 AM

I change my setup about once every month or two. Most notably I went from front and back brakes to just back brakes, and now brakeless (arms are flexing like a mofo) and 2 pegs. Sometimes 3. Rarely 4.


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