6 years away from riding looking for a new complete

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4/25/2015 7:42 AM

Hey guys need some help I am looking for a complete to get back into riding after 6 years away, iv rode for 7 years in total so i know a bit about bmxing and so on just never rode a complete so dont know how they hold up

I dont want to buy a second hand bmx even though it would be cheaper want a fresh new bike if im gonna start again im in to tech street riding and rode a WTP ovoid ( framehttp://www.albes.com/browseproducts/WE-THE-PEOPLE--OVOID--FRAME----SALE--.HTML ) had the helium forks and bars also.

Been looking at the Fit Benny 1 its a bit smaller than my old frame as its 20.25 im only 5'5 so cant see it being to much of a problem just wondering if anyone else has rode the complete or frame size, how does it feel and ride?

also looked at the united supreme expert also which is 20.5 only problem is the Hi tensile bars which i can easily replace how does the parts hold up being cheaper bikes?

im not looking to spend to much as i may not have the time to ride much being an adult and all can people be an adult about the answers and give me reasons to why they think ones better than the other and not just pick because you like the company think of it as your reviewing the bmx.

TY in advance.


4/25/2015 8:10 AM

We the people makes solid products aswell as fit , can't go wrong with those 2