9" rise for someone 5'5"

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4/12/2016 2:46 PM

Im thinking about buying 9" rise bars, is this a good idea being 5'5". Im an experienced rider so will this be difficult and/ or a good idea


4/12/2016 2:53 PM

Should be good for your height , I'm 5'10 and run 9.5 and a topload and it's pretty tall for me . I would go 9" and a topload for you and if it feels big you can turn the stem upside down to lower it .


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4/12/2016 2:58 PM

sweet, thanks


4/12/2016 3:15 PM

I'm 6' and ride 9" bars with a flipped topload. I personally think it will be too tall. But it depends if you like big bars or not. It's personal preference, but you're probably better off sticking with what you know. It won't make you any better


4/12/2016 3:23 PM

I'm 6 Feet tall give or take like half an inch and I ride 9 rise bars on a top load with spacers.

As to if it is a good idea, we can't really tell you that. What you can do it see if a homie will swap ya for part of a day to try em out if you have that option. Otherwise buy em, try em, and sell em if ya don't like em.


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4/12/2016 3:27 PM

for sure


4/12/2016 3:56 PM

Think about it this way every inch taller your bars get your bunny hop gets an inch shorter , your shrinking your amount of leverage for hops


4/12/2016 4:02 PM

eskimojay wrote:

Think about it this way every inch taller your bars get your bunny hop gets an inch shorter , your shrinking your amount of ...more

really? I think my hops got higher with taller bars....


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4/12/2016 6:49 PM

Too tall for sure. I'm 5'9" and anything taller than 8.5 felt too tall for me personally. You can try it but I wouldn't recommend getting giant bars at your height.


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4/12/2016 7:06 PM

So would 8.75's be solid


4/12/2016 7:09 PM

bar height is personal preferene/ It's okay to get a really tall bar, because tif it is too tall for you, you can get some spacers out. If on the other hand you get a bar that is too short, well, you can run out of spacer space before you get a good fit.

I recommend going for 9 inch bars-you can then adjust the height with the spacers.

Just try them, and if you don't like them, you can always keep them or sell them. And hey, you will still have your old bars. PersonallyI think bikes look better with a 9 inch or 10 inch bar.


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4/12/2016 7:12 PM

I completely agree