95 Mitsubishi Eclipse, Good?

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5/12/2010 12:43 PM
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1995 Misubishi Eclipse RS with lambo doors
Front Wheel Drive 2.0L DOHC 16V
Promar NPN Rebuilt Engine CR 2.0 04 with 3 year Warranty(6/12 expires) Unlimited Miles
New Engine has only 30,000 Miles Engine was put in 6/9
Decah Hinge Lamborgini Doors
Shaved Door Handles
Viper Alarm System
Custom Blue Paint Job
Aftermarket Body Kit
Lowering Springs
18inch 8 Spoke Rims
Carbon Fiber Hood
LED Hood Lights
HID Kit Headlights
Carbon Fiber Headlight Housing with LED Lighting
Carbon Fiber Taillights
LED Blue Fog Lights
Street Glow Multi Color Lighting Undercar Kit with Wheel well Kit (works together) www.streetglow.com
Aftermarket Dash Gauges All interior gauges where changed
Fiber Optic Needles
Tinted Gauge Pillar
Custom Built Rear Interior 20 inch Lumin Glass(Lightining)
When you look into the back of the hatch the Lumin Glass is making a light show
2 Alpine Amps
1, 12inch Alpine S Type Sub
Alpine DVD/MP3/CD/XM Ready Touch Screen Player
Custom Blue Racing Seats
New Thermastat Assembly (6/9)
Battery 2yrs old
New Power Steering Rack and Pump Assembly

Wanna get a new car, this car good?!


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5/12/2010 12:46 PM



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5/12/2010 1:02 PM

2 amps to push one sub wtf?


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5/12/2010 1:05 PM

not a god buy for 11,000.00$


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refs:nshs2010, carjakester,8=D,orgy,dallybiker45,RedCrayon,Southernrider,thor_davis, Andysubrosa8,gstring02,dirtjumper202,bdk1313,blake el gingero(x2)

5/12/2010 1:23 PM

if they were to get 11k they would be selling to a retard.

im gonna buy a 94 integra for 4k with about 5k into the engine tranny combo 230hp and weighs about 1500lbs.
all it needs is the turbo kit and she will be a reace car and its nto stock chassi.


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5/12/2010 1:30 PM

off like 8,000 and go from there



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5/12/2010 1:36 PM

ehh it looks cool and sounds good but for 11k, idk.


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5/12/2010 1:36 PM
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5/12/2010 1:37 PM

The body kit does not line up at all, look around the lights

If its the original transmission also could cause problems if the other engine was run till it had 200,000 miles

Its a four cylinder if youre going to have a car that looks fast, better be able to back it up

look at used nissan 350z for that price there are newer model ones with the original engine with lower miles


5/12/2010 1:47 PM

prophet wrote:

2 amps to push one sub wtf?

the type S is super super powerful, that is why it has two amps lol


5/12/2010 1:47 PM

personally i hate those years, because there about 200 of them around here

and its an rs
GSXs are about the only ones worth anything fuck that frontwheel drive shit

and by the looks of it, thethings built for looks, not speed

not worth it duder


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5/12/2010 2:25 PM

lambo doors are a big no-no. and if you plan on getting a eclipse, beware of "crank walk"


dont get me wrong, they look like nice cars, but the problems are not worth it. besides, who gets fwd these days? fwd= failed wheel drive.


why the fuck you got a hub guard and aint got no fucking pegs?!

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5/12/2010 2:38 PM
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my friend has a 96 eclipse, ill see if i can find a pic and post that shit up



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5/12/2010 2:41 PM

you can get a wayyyyyyyyy nicer and faster car for that much


5/12/2010 3:10 PM

yah fuck that..11 grand that shits worth 4..tops!.. if ur gonna spend 11k get a gti or somthing newer..that shit is 15 YEARS OLD!..and if your going to get a ricer.. spend 11 grand and buy a piece of shit 1992 civic hatchback.. and drop a fuckin b18c motor into it and replace every single internal in the motor and boost it with like 8 or 9 psi..buy some sixteen inch racing rims.. some new springs and struts front and rear sway bars.. and make damn sure that shit is low and fast..dont put a gay body kit on it get a carbon fiber lip kit and a carbon fiber hood and trunk.. drop two black racing seats in the front leave everything else the way it is and bam! youll be smokin the doors off of anything


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5/12/2010 3:21 PM

not worth 11k at all


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5/12/2010 3:29 PM

Too many worthless expensive things in that thing. I wouldn't spend a cent over 7k


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