A Long Post Christmas :D

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12/25/2015 3:03 PM

SO. Merry Christmas!

Finally got to open, and assemble my bike. very happy, it's time to get back out there and have fun!

tl;dr cause i mean really

stupid story about the local retard excited to get his new bike, got a complete because money, none. came poorly set up, and the retard got his wings.

man, getting a complete will teach you how to assemble a bike from the ground up. whoever set it up at the factory was high or something. the rear brake cable was all twisted. this wasn't a result of putting the handlebars on wrong as I originally thought...it went from lever to caliper. i'm assuming it's called a caliper. it might be called a squeeze-stop. and one side had extra travel before touching down, so they were all uneven. i'm amazed someone went "awwww JEAH this is LEGIT!" and sent it out. (I've never messed with brakes, and it was still painfully obvious these junks were all messed up)

that was cool, didn't want to take the handlebars back off. just loosened the cable attached to the hang on i'm gonna look up what they're called.

hell yeah. caliper.

loosened the cable attached to the caliper and disconnected. it spun around in my fingers like five times, which is ridiculous. I expected just one MAYBE two twists. awesome. now for the caliper not closing right. let's loosen this nut...hey, this part is springy. it twisted by itself. just tighten it back, retighten everything...

why is that one side i messed with not moving now?

::messes for about an hour and a half, threatening everyone around stealing tools, messing with the wheels, playing with the lever while i try to adjust (last straw when everything went slack, and i looked up, lever no longer tied down and wide open)::

pick everything up, go to the bedroom, lock the door, there's kids crying and wailing cause the bike is leaving. it was tragic.

::flips around the book, doesn't even show the same brakes installed.::
::uses internet. it's somewhat effective!::

well lookie here OMG I just remembered the clams for dinner hell yeah

Street/Flatland wrote:
then your shit out of luck. unless they have springs on the U-brake it self......
well then, you got to tighten the spring tension on your brakes then. cause i just threw out my shit brakes for chrome EVO 2's and if you have no spring tension then your brakes will barely work

::fifteen minutes later::

finally get it nice! at least, it seems nice. even close and pressure on both sides, no extra travel from either, lever just barely touches the handles when full pressure applied, tire is locked at this point, no slippage when you yank on it.

WOO!!! Thanks, Street/Flatland!

let's check alignments. k...need to twist the headset a little, wheels visibly wobble when spinning.

stick finger against the fork pointing at rim to do a quick and dirty check...right where the reflectors are on both wheels is where it's off. like, off enough (and for long enough, if length of contact point matters) that I groaned. Now I'm going to have to do a trial by fire to adjust these.

the tires are also pretty flat, but that's expected. better than having them overinflated.

tomorrow i need to get a spoke wrench, bike pump (thought my basketball one had a connector), and metric allen wrenches cause yeah, I can't adjust the headset yet...thought i had a proper 6mm, it was imperial, slightly stripped one of the bolts. this means going out to wal-mart (no bike shops within a reasonable travel distance on a holiday) and facing a horrible mass of post-christmas shoppers. all of them wearing merle haggard christmas sweaters riding around on motorized buggies, clogging up aisles while they exchange hot pocket casserole recipes.

Hope everybody else had a good Christmas, too! it was great to set a bike up today, and hey, soon i'll have some clams in my mouth.


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