Adidas for bmx?

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8/3/2017 1:02 PM

So my friend just recommended me to get the Adidas skate shoes to ride bmx, I am looking for shoes that are thick on the bottom so I can use them as brake pads when I want to slow down. can someone tell me if the shoes are thick enough to do that or would they rip?


8/3/2017 1:48 PM

Depends on the model probably. I had a pair of Adidas Busenitz that were super comfy and lasted over year of walking around and occasional skating and riding(I run brakes). They would probably last pretty well. I have the cloudfoam skate shoes and the Leoneros right now. I haven't ridden in the cloudfoam yet, I think that the exposed foam on the bottom might get eaten up pretty quickly by pedals, they are thick and comfy as fuck though. The Leoneros are a lot different. They are repurposed indoor soccer shoes as far as I can tell. The provide more support than some hi-top shoes. They are very comfy but the mid sole is thinner than some shoes. I think the actual sole would be fine for braking but they do provide a lot of board feel and maybe not that comfy if you do big drops(I'm not sure, I'm old and don't do big drops). Try a few pairs on. A good thing about Adidas is that they are available pretty much everywhere. I got two pairs for under 150 at SportCheck. Try to find the Busenitz. I would have grabbed another pair if they had them in my size, not that I don't like the ones I have but the Busenitz lasted forever and were very, very comfy. Get the Pro's or the Vulc ADV they are more comfortable than the other ones. I think I had the Vulc ADV's.


8/3/2017 4:55 PM

I've been wearing Adidas since I was little started with the samba trainers and they'd last a while. Have had 2 pairs of busenitz one vulcanized one cupsole. Vulcs have more feel but softer rubber wears quickly cupsole little less feel same soft rubber wears equally as quick. My team edition somethings are lasting a long time, have a harder more slippery rubber so less feel but I don't think more feeling is something you need for pedals on a BMX. I have some superstar adv I haven't worn yet but the harder rubber seems like it'll last. Overall Id go for the cheaper samba trainers I used to rock, you'll get two pairs for the price of one busenitz or skate editions. I prefer stitched soles for BMX because you're not scraping the sides constantly so vulcanized is a little redundant and cheaper feeling. Adidas have a little more padding around the ankle, compared to vans or converse, which is important to me, so the only question is what has better rubber for braking?? That's my 2 cents anyway



8/4/2017 2:12 PM

bmxgoddess wrote:

So my friend just recommended me to get the Adidas skate shoes to ride bmx, I am looking for shoes that are thick on the ...more

Adidas you say?

Look at ZX 700

Tough as nails, grip like an eagle's claws, and comfy as well!


8/4/2017 6:39 PM

i used to fw the adiease hard good grip and last for a long ass time.


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8/4/2017 10:55 PM

Zx flux are sick kicks and the colorways are amazing


8/5/2017 8:35 AM

The Busenitz were the best shoes I've ever worn. super fucking comfy and they lasted a decent amount of time considering i was brakeless when i had em


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