Advice on 360's spinning toward front foot forward

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11/21/2019 4:41 PM

I'm left foot forward, spin to my left. Only been riding for about 3 months but I can already 180 fakie pretty well. I can feeble 180. I'm making progress fast but I feel like spinning to my front foot is really slowing me down and making a lot of simple tricks way harder. I know it's personal preference and all that. I'm not looking to change cause I can 180 fakie to the right but it just doesn't feel natural. All I'm looking to for is just some tips and advice from people who ride the same way. Thanks


11/21/2019 5:52 PM

I ride right foot forward and spin to the right, they're definitely challenging but with time & practice you'll get them. Try them out of a nice bank you're comfortable with before trying them on flat, that was my problem when learning them. I tried learning hop 360s first and struggled figuring them out.

My biggest tip, is keep your goddamn head turned. Where your head goes, you go. So keep it turned to the left as you spin left. Too often (and I get that this is a habit some people just have) I see people turn their head the first 180°, then turn it back the other way once they start rotating past that initial 180, and it screws them. That and suck your back end up. It's weird to explain that, but a feeling once you figure out you'll know what I mean. I kind of bend my knees a little bit and it just sort of happens.

You're not automatically fucked for spinning towards your front foot though. I can boost high 360s and even do 540 flyouts, just to give you some hope. Plus a lot of pro riders can too


11/21/2019 9:31 PM

yep. Just keep practicing.

and why not start working on opposite 180's too. ?

Learning on a step up or fly out can help a ton, if you have one available to you.

I honestly like riders that have odd stances / spins. I think it opens up different tricks that don't come easy to normal footed folks.



11/22/2019 4:28 AM

Be sure to turn your shoulders as well. Just turning your head won't do much if your body doesn't follow.


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11/22/2019 2:11 PM

Thanks for the advice. I'm trying them flat so I'll start trying them off something and see if that helps. My biggest problem is turning my head I've realized.