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1/25/2014 6:18 PM

I have rode a 28/10 a few years ago
And then I rode 25/9 and I honestly couldn't tell the difference.

I now am trying 23/8 gearing.. I found people saying they have chain problems, if anyone could elaborate.. That would be helpful

And what are the downsides & good sides to 23/8 gearing ?


1/25/2014 6:42 PM

28/10, 25/9 and 23/8 are all essentially the same, that's why you didn't feel a difference.

As to 23/8, the only good side is less weight. And it is a very minimal difference.

There are, however, many, many downsides. First off, your driver and sprocket teeth will wear much faster. All the force going around your drivetrain will rest on less teeth, so the teeth the force is on will wear much faster. With bigger gearing, like 28/10, the force is spread on more teeth. This means your drivetrain will wear slower. Also, with 23/8, since there is much more weight being put on smaller areas, your driver bearings are much more prone to falling apart. What makes this worse is the fact that 8T drivers usually use even smaller bearings/bushings. So you'll be blowing bearings much faster than most higher gearing setups. Finally, chains are only made to go around 10T drivers. 9T is already pushing it. 8T is kinda like fat tires: Stupid as fuck but kids love it so companies push it. You can imagine your chain being pulled around a 10T driver and then being pulled around an 8T driver. The chain will take a way greater load around a 8T driver because it is going through a much tighter bend. So your chain is more prone to snapping, and in theory it will also stretch and wear out much faster.

TL;DR: Any gearing smaller than 25/9 is fucking shit and no one should run it. 25/9 is also shit because it's slow. 30/9 with bushings in your driver is where it's at.


1/26/2014 1:31 AM

Xxohioanxx wrote:

28/10, 25/9 and 23/8 are all essentially the same, that's why you didn't feel a difference.

As to 23/8, the only good side is ...more

Ahh thankyou for the insight, the only reason I'm running it, is because I bought a Complete wethepeople, as I'm getting back into riding, and that's what this gearing came like, if should probably set aside some money for any problems I might develop.

Cheers for the help


1/26/2014 2:04 AM

I've ran 30-9 for the past year and it feels amazing, and my hub is still alive and like new.


1/26/2014 2:28 AM

I'm running 30-10 and its alright. Id prefer a little faster. When I was a kid, I ran 46/13, and could keep up with my friends riding ten speeds, I just couldn't ride up hills. Lol.


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1/26/2014 8:23 AM

28/9-30/9 is where the party's at.


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1/26/2014 8:24 AM

Try 25/8 which is very popular amongst street rider right now, you get the faster pace of 28/9 or 30/10 but with a smaller sprocket to make hanging up on crooks less likely.


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1/26/2014 8:29 AM

44 to 8


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1/26/2014 4:21 PM

I can always switch it up if I need, but i need to get my bike fixed first


1/26/2014 4:26 PM

Collin_McClenahan wrote:

28/9-30/9 is where the party's at.

^^^^best gearing eva

On a side note how would 28/8 gearing feel?


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1/26/2014 11:19 PM

Me and my 7t hub....



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1/27/2014 1:12 AM

30 9 is awsome


1/27/2014 5:21 PM

28/9 Good ratio for going fast it feels awesome and also makes it so you don't have to pedal backwards as fast during fakies.


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1/28/2014 10:05 AM

I ride 28/10 now. The problem i ran into was the bigger sprockets would bend easier. Most are alloy so don't go cheap when buying one??


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