Afraid of trying new tricks, and not progressing

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9/6/2015 2:08 PM

Hello, I've been riding BMX since 1 year. I can Bunnyhop pretty high, can do manual(1-3 parking spots), but I can't do any other tricks and it gets really frustrating. I'm trying 180 and I do land it like 3 out of 50 tries. Do you know how to get over my fears and just commit trying new tricks. Like Bunnyhop barspins and grinds(I've tried double peg grind 3 times and fall flat on my arse every time).


9/6/2015 4:13 PM

Never been into the "big tricks", I'd rather watch Hawk or Dugan flow around the park or trails any day than watch dhers or Harry bust insane tricks. But that's me



9/6/2015 4:19 PM

think to yourself what could go wrong and how small risk is. Imagine how you want the trick to turn out.
Gwtting hurt trying stuff is a good way to learn to commit.

With 180s,just keep doing them every day.(not all day)


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9/6/2015 5:53 PM

Just keep trying. Try and improve the thing you can do. When i get frustrated i try something else a few times then go back to it. Commitment is key


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9/7/2015 8:35 AM
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Always imagine what can happen and what could go wrong, now 180's and grinds are some basic tricks with no risk at all while learning them on flat and grinding knee height ledges, not the same risks while doing them down a stairset or on a handrail..

Also you'll always be scared to send new stuffs and whatever the riding level, some things are just more dangerous, if you want to send a trick down a big stairset , hitting a quarter at full speed or just trying to mastering some tech grinds.

I got some years of riding behind me and as an example i can 3 down a stairset finger in the nose but doing a one hand terrify me, some people are more confident with some tricks than others.

Now the key to progess is to keep trying again and again until it works.


9/7/2015 3:09 PM

Ride with people who are better than you.

You'll learn a lot by watching them do it and you have people to cheer you on.


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9/7/2015 5:27 PM

cro tec wrote:

think to yourself what could go wrong and how small risk is. Imagine how you want the trick to turn out.
Gwtting hurt trying ...more



9/8/2015 11:54 PM

My first year, I was the same exact way. I didn't even properly get 180's down till about a year and a half into riding. I hesitate with literally everything, and sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad. Some days, I'm pumped and other days I'm lazy and I try to do harder tricks and I end up nearly hurting myself. Being goofy-footed made learning spins a bitch, but then again, it's freestyle, so you'll always have some way to do/learn a trick. I get real mad some days and other days, everything just flows together. Have people constantly motivate you, regardless of your skill level. But being pumped, make sure you know your limits and still be reasonable. Like if you can barely hop 3 ft out of a decent sized bank, don't try to fly out of the deepest bowl in the park over the gating fence.


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9/8/2015 11:58 PM

My post was almost irrelevant, more speaking of having bad days. ^ But yeah, most people say don't overthink doing a trick, but I'm one of the most hesitant riders you'll see. I've spent an hour once contemplating on whether I should do a 2.5 ft rail hop. I hit it at the last second and cased it, pretty much shitting myself. Somehow dumb enough, I went back and hit it again and made it over. You just really have to put in perspective how you're going to get over an obstacle and then wonder what could go wrong. Or you could honestly just save yourself the trouble and say "fuck it and huck it".


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9/9/2015 6:36 AM

Riding is not something that comes immediately to everyone. I tried tailwhips for around 6 years before I pulled one. I've landed something like 50 of them cleanly in my 16ish years of BMX. I lost them again around 4 years ago when I hurt my back, and now I never try them anymore.

Things take time, and patience and practice. If you get frustrated, try something else. If falling is your fear, you'll need to work through that, as you WILL fall, and you MAY get hurt. I suggest a helmet and some pads for more confidence.


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