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9/1/2013 9:47 PM

I've heard horrible things about their parts especially rims, though I'm running 7ups and love em and haven't had any problems and heard felons are nice. Seems like I get mixed views on the company. So I guess here's some questions i need answered..
-your opinion of their parts?
-are their Backlash grips any good?
-Felons or 7ups?
-their strongest rim?
-pros and cons about their parts?


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9/1/2013 9:56 PM

i've had their plain black rims and they were ok just handed them off to my buddy and he's a heavy set dude i think around hes around 230 or so he claims and they hold him hes pretty good to

another friend of mine owns their v2 coaster and loves it got another friend whos getting it as well i have heard the same thing about them just mixed opinions and reviews of them and their products their alright in my book


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9/1/2013 9:57 PM
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alienation is a "eh" brand. they aren't terrible, but aren't amazing either. They're parts wouldn't be a first choice for me, but I definitely wouldn't mind running their stuff either.
never ran the backlash grips, but they probably are fine. they're just grips. fuck, i've ran duct tapes grips and i was okay with it.
felons are stronger, but more expensive
strongest is the runaway, and then felon
honeslty, alienation is a pretty good company. their image is a bit ruined due to their low-budget, low quality parts


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9/1/2013 11:36 PM

I ran the ratchet grips once, it's almost like the backlash. The teeth pattern is one direction only instead. I hated it, too much grip, wore out my shadow gloves. And no, they're not just any other grip, you either like the teeth design or not. It feels different from normal grips.


9/1/2013 11:37 PM
Edited Date/Time: 9/1/2013 11:38 PM

I bought a complete freecoaster wheel of theirs from albes. It holds up well and I'm happy with it. It was my first FC and so far it has been really great.


9/2/2013 7:38 AM

Ive had the PBR's... not bad. But i don't ride hard. Not the absolute best. But for the money there decent.


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9/2/2013 7:54 AM

i'll get their tinman front hub. On discount , only for 35€ (90€ normal ).


9/2/2013 2:29 PM

My friend ran the Delinquent rim for 8 minths with no problem.

I wouldn't run the low end parts but I would run the hi end parts.

I would rather have BSD, G SPORT or DEMOLITION related wheel stuff


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9/2/2013 5:28 PM

They have decent quality everything.
They are pretty chill, and I remember a while back, they were offering rim upgrades for anyone with Alienation rims.


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