Alienation Rush V2 or Federal V3 Coaster

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7/1/2013 6:45 PM

So i've been waiting on getting a coaster forever mainly because i keep hearing about new stuff coming out, now im to the point where im tired of waiting and im ready to just pull the trigger. I have it narrowed between these two but i really don't know enough about coasters to know if theres a difference between the two as far as internals or if they're the same. If any of you coaster riders could help i'd appreciate it.
Heres pretty much why im stuck:
Alienation- Like the looks better, male axle, don't really care for the brand though
Federal- Don't like the look as much but i like federal more as a brand. Also how does the shemale axle thing work? From what i see from pictures it looks like there is a little piece of 14mm axle that fits into your droupouts like normal and the 3/8 bolts go inside that to tighten your wheel? And would i need a new peg because i just bought a new 14mm Fit OG the other day haha?

This hub will most likely me replacing my cassette entirely so i want whatever is going to hold up best.


7/1/2013 6:58 PM
Edited Date/Time: 7/1/2013 6:58 PM

Federal is a way better design! Bigger Bearings, Thrust Bearing behind the Driver for Crank Flippabilities! Shemale Axle.

As you mentioned though, with the Federals Shemale Axle you will need 3/8ths pegs or I am 100% you could get a little adapter for your fit pegs so no need to replace them.

Over All the Federal IS a better hub.

There are a few Companies coming out with Freecoasters soon. Eclat have the Blind Hub which is supposedly going to revolutionize the Freecoaster World & Profile have a coaster in the works too which will feature a PROPER FEMALE AXLE non of this cut off 14mm Male Axle threaded for 3/8ths Bolts Shemale BULLSHIT..

Oh & if you can find one, have you considered the Ezra Cassette/Coaster?


7/1/2013 7:30 PM

Pretty much i've just been waiting forever and my impatience is starting to get the best of me. I had plans of getting the eclat earlier this year but it ended up getting postponed and the ezra was an option but it's been sold out everywhere for awhile. I'm going to think about it for a couple of days, i might end up convincing myself to wait it out for the blind, if not i'll for sure go with the federal.


7/1/2013 7:34 PM

I run 14mm on all 4 of my female axels. They work fine just tighten them as you normally would


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7/1/2013 7:40 PM

i have the rush v2 and it is completely fine not a single issue , and its easy to adjust the slack


7/1/2013 7:40 PM

I heard somewhere that the Ezra have a new shipment due soonish.

If I was in a hurry I'd get the federal if not wait it out till the blind


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7/1/2013 11:52 PM

Buy one used on here and if you like it, buy a new one when it breaks


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7/2/2013 9:07 AM

The Federal and Alienation both use KHE internals. The only real difference is the axle. I honestly prefer the Alienation just due to the fact that it's a true 14mm axle and you can adjust the slack externally. It's also cheaper. We sell them at Albe's as a hub or a complete wheel which is even on sale. Check em'





7/2/2013 10:30 AM

Albes BMX Mail Order wrote:

The Federal and Alienation both use KHE internals. The only real difference is the axle. I honestly prefer the Alienation just ...more

Thanks, i was actually going to be ordering it from you guys haha