Alienation Tyre PSI Problem

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12/25/2013 10:43 AM

I just got my new Amber bmx today and on the Alienation Graffiti tyre it says 35-65 psi but on the other side it says 110 psi, which one should I follow?


12/25/2013 10:54 AM

Just fill it up to where you like..


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12/25/2013 10:55 AM

I ride 45 but I don't weigh a lot so.. Sometimes I go to 55


Bang Bang bmx

12/25/2013 11:28 AM

on dans comp it says 110. just go with 60


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12/25/2013 5:20 PM

They go to 110 mate, I've had them before. Good tyres, but they wear down quickly.


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12/26/2013 2:31 AM

I'm just gonna pump it up to 85 PSI and see what happens