Almost decided!! (need a bit more help please!) (asap) :)

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3/14/2016 3:19 AM
Edited Date/Time: 3/14/2016 3:41 AM

Okay i have decided on what pegs im getting, what front axle bolts and what rear hub guard.
The only thing i need help on is a front hub guard, my bike does not have one that is made specifically for it. (this is my hub) (my bike is a wtp volta 2011)
I want a steel one so i don't have to replace it after a while and so it protects my hub and spokes, thing is the only ones i can choose from i have no idea if it will fit (i have contacted the company's a few times as well with no response)
I have heard the gland/merrit front hub guard only protects the spokes and not the hub/lock nuts, its also plastic.
The other hub guards i can choose from is a cult match alloy front hub guard, fly front hub guard (both non plastic) and maybe the animal PYN front hub guard but its mostly plastic as well. I dont know if these will/most likely will fit. And if i buy them i can not return them unfortunately...
The reason why i can only choose these hub guards is because the website i am ordering from.
Also i might be grinding on my rear drop outs a little bit, is this okay? and will it mess up my bikes strength?
Also i will be grinding on wooden benchs alot, some concrete ledges and some other street things like that will i be alright without wax? (my pegs are chromoly btw)
My frame is also quite low (the bb is around 11ish inchs i think) but back in 2011 it was marketed as a "street frame". But 11 seems pretty low for a chromoly street frame.
Sorry for the long post! i just need to make sure everything is set before i make buy all the parts, thanks for any responses in advance! smile


3/14/2016 6:58 AM

I had exactly the same problem!! it took me two orders to find the correct!

I got this one!
I have the same hub almost (in sizes its the same)