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1/5/2017 2:15 PM

So I'm building new wheels and the hubs will be madera/profile minis as I don't ride other hubs and I was wondering if the aluminum axle will hold up in the front and back as well as a titanium driver. Anyone have experience with this? I weigh about 160ish and don't ride pegs. The only grinding I do is a pegless/pegless smith grind here and there. Thanks.


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1/5/2017 2:54 PM

About a year ago, I had a very old front wheel with an aluminum solid axle and aluminum hub and they lasted just fine. I'm a pegless rider as well, and I wouldn't trust it with pegs, but who knows what would've happened. It was ridiculously light, and, now that I look back on it, I'm quite impressed it held up. I'm 105 lbs.


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1/5/2017 3:02 PM
Edited Date/Time: 1/5/2017 3:03 PM

Woohoo! Pegless riders unite! I've never had a problem with alloy female axles, I'm about 180lbs. Wouldn't trust em with pegs, but wouldn't want to be a peg thug anyway

Edit just to say I don't think ti is worth the money. Ti axles are weaker than chromoly, so get chromo axles if you plan on ever riding pegs. And I had a ti driver that wore out in 18months


1/5/2017 4:12 PM

Im 225lbs, no pegs, Madera Hubs, aluminum axles with a TI driver for over a year now with no issues.



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1/5/2017 4:47 PM

Youll be fine. Ive rode 4 pegs with the aluminum axles and never had a problem. As for the Ti driver, thats all on you. From what Im told most dont even feel a weight difference since its comparable to the chromo version.....Also have read many times about it wearing down ..



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1/5/2017 9:23 PM

The titanium driver is worth it , I rode a mini with a ti driver for 4 years and it was solid as fuck , thinkin about going with some titaniumed out elites if I decide to go back to cassette


1/7/2017 4:36 PM

Yeah mate, you'll be fine.


1/14/2017 10:33 AM

Thanks everyone!


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1/14/2017 10:35 AM

grumpySteve wrote:

Woohoo! Pegless riders unite! I've never had a problem with alloy female axles, I'm about 180lbs. Wouldn't trust em with pegs, ...more

Yeah man I've rode pegs a few times for a day but never liked them. Grinds don't really appeal to me. Though sometimes I'll peg less grind or pedal grind.


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