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LucidBMXer LucidBMXer
3/12/2020 2:37 PM

Late last year I was in a really bad BMX crash I was at my local pump track and I was riding with no helmet, I never wore a helmet I thought I was cool and helmets where gay, I was really stupid, but aside from that I was riding I was going good and then I was pedalling and I missed a pedal I went OTB (over the bars) hit my head on the concrete ground and landed on my hand, I got up and continued riding I’m a pretty tough bloke so this didn’t faze me but I was riding and I realised something was wrong I couldn’t ride straight and my hand was hurting and I was bleeding all over my shirt so I sit down for a bit and I ended up falling over almost on to the track infront of riders so that woke me up and then I decided to go to hospital even tho I didn’t want to I thought it would be smartest to go. I got there and they x rayed me and I had a major concussion, cracked skull and broken hand, I wasn’t able to ride for 3 month doctors orders but I wasn’t smart, I got out of hospital and straight on my bike, don’t be like me, always wear a helmet, I’m fine now thankfully it could have been much worse but always wear a helmet, it’s been a long journey for me from that injury but I still bmx to this day but I wear a helmet now so yeh always wear your helmet don’t risk your life it’s not worth it.

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Mishinn_Control Mishinn_Control
3/12/2020 2:49 PM
LucidBMXer wrote:

Late last year I was in a ...more

Wow. That sucks. But I'm glad you are alright. Yeah, you never know. I was just in the drive riding a bit. I wasn't doing anything crazy as I'm just getting my legs back after the long winter, but I wasn't wearing a helmet. However, sometimes, even with a helmet, you can really get messed up. And that helmet might be the difference between life, death, paralyzing injury, who knows?! Look at Scotty Crammer! He was wearing a helmet and his spill didn't even look that bad. He wasn't doing a backflip or anything. There's a good chance his outcome would have been much worse without the helmet!

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BMXogRider BMXogRider
3/12/2020 7:39 PM

If you ever need more proof than what OP wrote in his story , go watch the you tube video of Scotty Cranmers crash. He always wore a helmet before the accident and won’t associate or ride with riders who won’t wear a helmet. Form over function is great for clothes or shoes...not head protections. Protect your melon and wear a helmet! Guess what else is uncool, having to have someone feed you and help you go to the bathroom.

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dave lawrence dave lawrence
3/13/2020 5:46 AM
BMXogRider wrote:

If you ever need more ...more

He associates with tons of people who don't wear them, Trey Jones being one of the more notable people.

They just have to wear helmets for the Channel videos, but if you follow Trey on anything, there are tons of recent clips of him BOOSTING trails etc with just a hat.

I agree, rock a helmet, don't be stupid.

Claiming helmets make you look uncool is stupid. Your skinny jeans hanging half way to your knees, shoelaces used for belts, shirts designed for people who are like 7 feet tall and stocking caps in summer aren't any cooler looking.

"Hey anybody ever make that mistake like right when you wake up in the morning and you believe in yourself?" -Kyle Kinane

"BIKES!" -Tom Segura

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