Another freecoaster issue lol

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5/16/2016 7:57 AM

Hey dudes,
Got my new primo freemix,
All runs well for a few weeks...
Now when coasting I have a quiet clicking noise.
Still engages and disengages fine, but I'm wondering if I should be concerned.
I brought the freemix as its marketed as a low maintenance coaster... Needing grease after 3 weeks isn't really low maintenance though?
Any thoughts? Thanks


Muthafuckas betta know

5/16/2016 10:45 AM

There's a difference between low maintenance and no maintenance...


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5/16/2016 8:25 PM

You know how sometimes when you pull out and the pussy queefs a bit and makes sounds ? Some thing with a coaster . Unless it's really fucked up , a bit of lube ... Er grease should fix the problem


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5/16/2016 8:49 PM

Yeah, mine is going for almost over a month now, and it's starting to click a tiny bit right before engaging, but that's about it. I don't plan on maintaining it at all, really. It could just be my BB bearings. If not, I'll probably decide to maintain my hub completely this summer sometime. I really don't like the idea of having to constantly knock bearings in and out. That's what makes hubs permanently loose from the bearing shell/seat stretching out.


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