Any Good BMX Shops In Salt Lake?

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8/14/2015 8:09 PM

Newb poster here.. I am a regular on VitalMX though if that counts! smile

Anyway, we are in SLC for a week (we are from WA). I am hoping to find a good shop for me and my boys to go check out. There is a fly helmet I am trying to find (all of them sold on the web) and a couple of other things like cranks and number plates. Does anybody know of any good BMX shops that carry plenty of stuff around Salt Lake?

Thanks much!!


8/14/2015 10:14 PM

The Wood Shop Bmx shop is SLC's only shop I think. I'm not sure though haha


8/14/2015 11:30 PM



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8/15/2015 10:13 AM

I very much appreciate the replies guys! I will check out wood. I sure wish I was at the MX races this weekend!