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RideFree RideFree
11/8/2008 10:02 PM

So is there anyone here in the 916.

"Party like you don't work, and work like you don't party."

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originalstyle originalstyle
11/8/2008 11:34 PM

folsom. we got about 25 riders here. about 10 of us are actually good. me and some people are hittn up street in downtown sac tomorrow. the mall area and if you know the wallride architecture area we are gonna be there tryin the around the world gap

What time is it when you go to the dentist? Tooth hurty

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prophet prophet
5/21/2009 1:22 PM

hahaha what gewd!

united states army

refs:nshs2010, carjakester,8=D,orgy,dallybiker45,RedCrayon,Southernrider,thor_davis, Andysubrosa8,gstring02,dirtjumper202,bdk1313,blake el gingero(x2)

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