Any shredders out there into graphic design? If so... Lets see your work!

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1/16/2016 7:34 PM

I've been messing around with Adobe programs for the past several years and am just wondering if there any other riders out there who are graphic designers? If so how good are you? Work samples?



REFS: Stelle119 Also check my rep on BMX-Forum, Have much more there if you want to scope'

1/17/2016 12:12 AM

I nearly got into graphic design a few years ago, from being a graffiti writer. It seemed like the cool thing to do at the time though and everyone was getting on it. I always liked very graphic art though, especially within graffiti. Here's one of the last pieces I painted. I've always thought graffiti is about individual style, so went against a lot of trends to keep my stuff different. I was never the best, but I'm proud of my originality.
I did play around with adobe programmes a bit but couldn't get used to how everything worked. And doing it freehand on a wall seemed a lot less effort!
I've got a few friends that work in graphic design now though, I like their digi art, maybe because we all came from graffiti


1/18/2016 10:03 PM

I meant to reply to this yesterday but forgot...

But I'm into it somewhat, if by graphic design you mean photoshopping random shit like this together haha

I took a photo of my cat and a photo of my bike, removed the backgrounds, turned the front end so the bike would be in a tailwhipping position, resized as necessary, and made my cat hold the bars. Oh and added the circle, felt like it looked better with it. I didn't do the screenprinting though, I somewhat know how to but lack the equipment needed so I had it made on who did a very nice job.


Other than that, I sometimes do random/funny photoshop jobs when I feel like it.