Any tips on learning barspins?

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10/28/2014 3:51 PM

Any ways I can prepare myself to throw them? whats the easiest way to land one just looking for peoples input


10/28/2014 4:03 PM

Lean back, pinch your knees, and chuck em! Do like a clapping motion with your hands when you throw them. Seriously you just gotta huck the bars and after a while you'll get it down


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10/28/2014 4:12 PM

tape your feet


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10/28/2014 9:06 PM

indoor bike to learn proper technique. when you get comfy with those then do the same exact thing you would on your indoor bike but with wheels


10/29/2014 4:25 AM

Watch "barspins with grandma." on YouTube
barspins with grandma.:


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10/29/2014 10:33 AM

adamnmexican wrote:

Watch "barspins with grandma." on YouTube
barspins with grandma.:


Also having enough seatpost to learn to manual them by pinching your seat with your knees. That will give you positioning, then just get some air and do it.


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10/29/2014 11:07 AM

on your face is probably the easiest way to land


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