Any vital members actually train ?

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12/29/2014 8:43 PM

I was training pretty solid years ago , then almost broke my neck and had a near fatal brain hemorahage on a handrail ice pick gone wrong and had to take a step back , been a couple years since the accident since then working my ass off on my bike and not on the gym , but wondering if theirs any bros out their who bust their ass to better themselves some tips that don't include diet , but strengthening

Just kidding I know if I say don't give me diet advice I'll get trolled as fuck

Anyone who actually trains got something good going for them ?


12/29/2014 8:47 PM
Edited Date/Time: 12/29/2014 8:49 PM

ps....looking for advice from the guys who can actually air out of coping

Man I probably look like a dick but I don't care , I need a good training schedule to commit to before next season


12/29/2014 8:55 PM

Do some push ups, sit us, and don't eat too many sweets this holiday season.


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12/29/2014 8:58 PM

My old deal was 1 hour weights , 2 hours swimming pool either basketball in the pool or core training on flips of the diving board , great pain management for when your flip went wrong wich was often , then 4 hours tops at the park


12/29/2014 9:17 PM

Can't air , have no bike at the moment , but I do "train" fairly regularly . What do you plan on doing for training ? It's pretty vague . You mention the gym , but any specific muscle group you want to strengthen ? Is it just muscle strengthening or do you want a lifestyle training , which can include cardio , flexibility , pain tolerance practises ( Not torture or that shit but cold showers and etc are proven to help with pain ) . Let me know a bit more and maybe I can give you some helpful insight , not being a smartass either.

I'm no crazy health nut but with no bike I've gotten in shape and have researched a fair bit on "health" .


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12/29/2014 9:18 PM

I lift a bit, nothing else really though besides school sports


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12/29/2014 9:29 PM

I do bike trains at the trails...

But nah i play waterpolo so thats my conditioning but the main thing i need in bmx is balls


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12/29/2014 9:54 PM

A nice bag of chips will do the trick......


12/29/2014 10:11 PM

I do almost nothing that keeps me anywhere near a condition of health.

I walk places when my car is shot, but ill still try and catch rides.

besides that. no. and I tend to be drunk when I walk places anyway too


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12/30/2014 6:46 AM

I like to just ride a lot and wherever i get sore i make sure i work that area. And i work the areas where i am not sore even more. Usually working biceps, chest, and abs. And doing a little cardio really helps.


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12/30/2014 7:58 AM
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Push ups and sit up with weights for extra resistance, dead lifts, front and regular military presses, pull ups thats really all i ever do to work the big muscle groups


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12/30/2014 8:49 AM

Pullups, crunches, and running. Those are what I mainly focus on since I hate going to gyms and I can do that shit outside anywhere. I do a lot of weightless training to not get bulky but still have gains.


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12/30/2014 9:04 AM

I'm going to the gym 3-4 days a week. It helped my a LOT with back pain together with changing to higher bars. It improved my hops a lot, too I think.