Anybody else have issues with bmx axle nuts/ solutions?

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8/1/2018 6:20 PM

Hey guys.

When it comes to taking the back wheel off from my bmx, I can’t seem to get the both axle nuts off. For instance, I untighten one nut (i.e right side) the other nut (I.e left side) won’t untighten, the nut just keeps turning around no matter how much you try to untighten it , it just goes around and around, I think the nut is moving along with the/throughout the whole driver on to the other side. Any solutions to this, do you guys have this issue too?

Cheers guys.


8/1/2018 7:15 PM

Use grease next time. Tighten the right side and loosen the left side. After that it should go out. Just be sure nothing is stripped.


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8/1/2018 7:20 PM

If you have two, try a spanner or wrench on each side at the same time.


8/1/2018 9:25 PM

Grease!!!! Metal touches metal, grease. It's a priority rule


8/2/2018 7:13 AM



8/2/2018 9:00 AM

If your axle has an allen hole on it, try using an allen key to keep it still.


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8/2/2018 10:25 AM

If/when it happens, whichever nut you loosened first, retighten it & try removing the other side. Then go back & try the other (first) side again. If it spins, snug the other nut (not completely tight) & then try removing the other nut. Thought being that you are tightening just a bit to give everything a point to bite into but not enough to freeze it in place once the other side is loose.