Anybody wear wristbands/wraps/sleeves while riding? New company.

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9/3/2016 11:43 AM

Do you wear wristbands or wraps/sleeves while riding for protection, sweat relief or compression? I'm looking for an experienced rider who already does who would like to try out a pair from a new company. These cut and abrasion sleeves feature cut resistant technology to help protect your wrists from dangerous abrasions,cuts and road rash.They are super slim and stylish. These do not have plastic inserts so they will not impede movement at all. Inner Layer: Kevlar Knit, with a sewn in number tag.Outer Layer: Moisture wicking polyester, lightweight, slim design, shape keeping. Company is based in Chicago and who knows where it could go from there.

If interested please send me an email with your info (do you enter contests etc.??) and a short video if you have one.

All I ask is that you give me some feedback.




9/3/2016 2:33 PM



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