Anyone Riding after microfracture (joint) surgery??

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2/21/2018 4:33 PM

Sup old guys,

I read that Cory Martinez had a microfracture in his knee and he's still riding. I had one in my ankle. Basically I tore away some of the cartilage and they repaired it by drilling into the bone underneath. Only problem is that now I've got some stage one arthritis where they did the surgery. It's been fine for like 4 years but just started hurting again after a janky landing. I can't ride without a brace anymore. X-rays look pretty good, just a small piece of arthritis on the lateral portion of the talar dome (sorry I know that's basically jibberish).

Anybody else had a microfracture or have any ankle arthritis and can share your story? How quickly has your arthritis progressed over the years? Im 30 now, and I'd like to have a functional ankle for a good long time. Any insight helps. Should I quit riding?



2/21/2018 7:32 PM

Thats a bummer that your ankle is starting to hurt. I fractured my left ankle and didn't realize i did. I think last summer i fractured my heel so i went in and got X-rays and the doctor told me to look at the X-ray. I had a couple spurlines from the fractured ankle not healing. So the doc told me that is arthritis. My left ankle hurts from time to time. My right ankle has been hurting a lot lately after riding, just moving it up and down has been very painful. Ive been off of my bike for a while due to a dislocated shoulder but I did snap my fibula and dislocated my ankle about 9 years ago. They had to put a plate and screws around my ankle area. Ive noticed as I've gotten older it hurts more. I've tried to quit riding but i keep on coming back to it, i mostly ride bowls and try to have a flow riding style and not take anything to flat if i don't have too.