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1/16/2018 12:28 PM

Hey vital, I just wanted to publicly apologize to Bulletpup for being a major asshole earlier this year. I'll save you the sob story but almost a divorce and was into the liquor a bit and I was lashing out. Completely uncalled for and he's a good dude, who does a lot for this community.
Im embarrased at my comments and hope the community can forgive me in time.I will have to live with my words but I hope bullet knows they mean nothing and my actions were totally out of line. I'm back on my feet and have a new mindset, new outlook and just want to support the scene and ride. 1000 times sorry Bullet. Sitting here now reading these as I was drunk I can't even fathom what the fuck I was thinking. I owe you several beers sir! Hope you can forgive me in time and I can gain some of your respect back. I understand if not. Cheers guys.

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TheDarkEnergist TheDarkEnergist
1/16/2018 12:49 PM

It takes a big man to admit his mistake.

Today...BcBMX80 is that big man.

Bulletpup is a good man, so is Rumplestiltskin. So are all of you. Stay strong, stay focused. Stay in school.

I've officially referenced The Office, and Big Daddy. My work is done.

BMX over 30: Eat clean, Stretch, and Pray.

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HondaCRFRacer HondaCRFRacer
1/16/2018 1:17 PM

Good job man! Like TheDarkEnergist said, it really does take a big man to admit to his mistakes. I've been friends with Bullet on here for a while and when you lashed out at him, I lashed back at you which wasn't cool either so I'm sorry for that, but I'm sure you can see where I'm coming from. I don't drink, but I remember when I was younger my Mom had a huge alcohol problem and that caused my parents to split up. So I know how bad alcohol affects people. Im really glad you've overcome that pollen with alcohol! Looking back at my Mom's experience, it was hard for her to stop and the alcohol really just takes over your head and makes you do stuff you wouldn't normally do. Thanks for your apologies to us, especially to Bullet. I am also sorry for lashing back at you man...

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1/16/2018 1:26 PM

Super all good Man. I definitely deserved it and Bullet def didn't. I didn't do this expecting his forgiveness either, as I understand that apologies don't take back ones actions but I am sorry for what I said to him and how small I made him feel when really it was me being small.

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Bulletpup Bulletpup
1/16/2018 2:10 PM
BcBMX80 wrote:

Hey vital, I just wanted ...more

Apology accepted! Thank you very much.

Im sorry you were going through a tough time. We have all been in some dark places.

Again, Thank you Bc!

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Mishinn_Control Mishinn_Control
1/16/2018 4:52 PM

Meh... You are all a bag of dicks. But that's what makes our conversations so much fun!

Sorry to hear of your trouble bc but glad you were able to get thru them. Still wish you were closer to southern Canada (Wisconsin).would love to ride with you. Anyway... You all suck. I'm glad I know you.

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HondaCRFRacer HondaCRFRacer
1/16/2018 4:57 PM
Mishinn_Control wrote:

Meh... You are all a bag ...more

Haha Thanksgrin

I don't crash, I do random gravity checks...

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1/16/2018 6:52 PM

i just thought you were just jokingly giving him shit. like For real thought y'all were just playing around. on a serious not I'm sorry to hear about all that and I hope things get better for you. Ride on!

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HardBMX_Tim HardBMX_Tim
2/7/2018 3:33 PM


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Furyus George Furyus George
2/7/2018 3:46 PM
HardBMX_Tim wrote:


Ha! Yeah, have it right up top so he can find it easily.

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