Are Verde regent wheels any good?

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4/26/2018 6:34 PM

I was looking into getting new double wall wheels for my bmx and i was wondering are the verde regent wheels a good choice?

Front Wheel:

Back Wheel:


4/26/2018 7:05 PM

They're what you'd find on a low to mid budget complete. Not much of an upgrade, but that depends on what you have now.


4/26/2018 7:52 PM

depends what you have now. if you're upgrading unsealed single wall rims, they're great. if you already have double wall rims and sealed hubs, I'd pass as they're probably about the same quality.


4/26/2018 9:16 PM

I had a regent cassette wheel with a generic brand rim and it held up surprisingly well. I still have it in fact and would sell at a super discount if you're interested. It's in good shape. I can vouch for it but I'm not super hard on shit