Are thinner pegs noticeably harder to grind with?

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10/17/2015 10:31 AM

I'll be able to grab a pair for next to nothing this afternoon but am wary they may not be for me, am hoping ppl can explain to me how big of a difference they notice between the thinner and thicker types of pegs? I ride plastic right now but am experienced enough with regular-diameter metal pegs, but upon first seeing the ones I may get I noticed they're a thinner diameter than most pegs are (easily 10mm shorter diameter), and am worried they may be too-hard for me to mess around with (am not that good lol, i just do feebles and double-peg grinds for maybe 5-10' of sliding at most. Am I making a mistake getting thin, steel pegs when all i ride is street/concrete?)


10/17/2015 11:19 AM

No it won't be any harder at all


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10/17/2015 4:01 PM

Should be easier unless the ledge is rough and missing chunks


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10/18/2015 7:19 PM

It doesn't make a difference , what makes a difference is going at it with some speed , you creep up to a ledge it's going to feel like shit