Are walmart BMX legit?

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3/2/2016 9:16 PM

Any suggestions please im just new on BMX ..


3/2/2016 10:17 PM
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My comment got deleted because it was fowl and inappropriate


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3/2/2016 10:30 PM

The $200ish bikes would be OK to start out on (I just had a look at their website). The Shaun white thrash 3.5 looks decent on paper, but it's not a bmx company so I don't know if I'd trust it. The more expensive mongoose's would do for now but would need upgrading over time (probably quite heavy and not particularly strong, but probably good enough to throw around a bit and learn on)
Do you have a budget? Look in some local shops, and check out some online bmx stores. You'll probably find a deal somewhere


3/2/2016 11:17 PM

No, just no.


3/3/2016 6:21 AM

Support a local bike/bmx shop and stay away from large retail stores like Walmart.
If you can't find something you like locally try shopping online:

Even ebay has good stuff if you look around long enough.

Look for bikes that offer full 4130 chromoly frames and parts along with sealed bearings if possible.


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3/3/2016 9:14 AM

yes bomb proof


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3/3/2016 11:22 AM

The Mongoose Mode 900 is about the ONLY one I would consider if I was in a pinch/had a low budget/was just starting.

You might be able to find good stuff on Craigslist, or eBay, or at local shops or pawn shops.


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3/3/2016 12:44 PM

Anyone remember secret bmx?