Are you smart on hubs?

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11/28/2011 12:18 AM
Edited Date/Time: 11/28/2011 12:20 AM

cuz i can not find too much info a hub guards for primo remixes that will forsure fit, if you can give me the name of some or the one that fits, driver side AND non driver side because of running 4 pegs.

My thoughts were BSD for driver side but idk if thatll only work for Mix

kthx luv u 4 ever if you can fig this one out.


11/28/2011 12:23 AM

Just get the DSG and the United..

1. Just file the United to make more space on the axle

2. Then use the DSG.

3. If not, just use a file and mod it a little bit and it will work for sure


11/28/2011 12:25 AM

okay sick thanks