Axle nut stuck / stripped HELP!

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9/15/2013 2:24 PM

So a few days ago I brought my rear wheel to the shop to get rebuilt (trued), and I brought it home and went to put it on and there's a problem. As I go to put my drive side axle nut on, its stripping the axle and i'm wrenching it on. The non drive side went on a little easier but now the drive side (ds) wasn't tightening to my frame and only the non drive side (nds) was. As I go to try to take the ds bolt off i see the axle is all stripped. I managed to get the nds bolt off. These are the same bolts ive always used, and I dont think the bike shop could have caused this. Now I plan on buying a new axle, but I cant get the ds axle nut off so I can't get the axle off, HELP! Its a Cult Match hub and I run pegs but they are not on at the moment.



9/15/2013 2:35 PM

Crank the other side down in your frame and then crank the ds off with a cheater bar(aka pipe on the ratchet for leverage).

OR cut it off.


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9/15/2013 2:43 PM

This happened to me a few days ago on my old ass Demolition rolls hub. I got a Oxy Acetylene Torch and heated the bolt up for a while then screwed it off. the axle was super fucked thought and i couldnt get the cone nut next to the driver off so i ended just cutting the axle after that. Dont waste your time with the torch. Just cut it if you're buying a new one


9/15/2013 4:03 PM

No fuckin way....

It's like you were describing my exact situation, then I saw at the end that it was a Cult Match which is what I have.

I honestly don't know whats wrong, the axle and nut look fine , but just screw... I was going to buy a new axle, but I'm going to bring it to my local bike shop and let them have a shot at it before I do.

Try bringing it back to your bike shop first!


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