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7/21/2009 2:12 PM

For Sale:

WeThePeople Railed Seat (White) £6

GT Smooth Pegs x4 (Black) £5

Stolen Linear Cable, (Cut Very Short) (Pink) £5

GT Front And Back Cable, Front Gyro. (Black) £5 *New*

Tektro Lever and U Brake (Black) £7

Blank U Brake (Green) £7

Diamond Back Seat, Fat padded (Camo) £4

GT Short Jump Seat (Black) £5 *New*

Mongoose Slim Seat (Black) £5

GT 39t Sprocket (Black With White BMX Racing Design) £3

Kenda Tyre Street/Park/Dirt (Blue) £4

Black Bars 4 Piece Design, Make Good Replacement (Black) £8

Volume Plastic Push In Bar Ends (Cyan) £3 *New*

Just Ask Me For Pictures Or Anything!