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3/17/2009 9:05 PM

I got a new frame and cranks so tell me what you think

Frame:Fly Tierra
Forks: Primo Kamikaze
Front Wheeltongueroper
Stem:oddy elementary 3
Bars: Sunday tudor
Cranks: Eastern 720
Pedals: Primo sealed magnesium
Seat: Eclat padded
Sprocket: Stolen 28t
Back rim: oddy 7ka
Back hub: Demolition anorexia

lmk what you think

3/17/2009 9:14 PM

Damn, can you even sit down???


3/17/2009 9:25 PM

only when my feet are on the ground, i havet really adjusted anyhing yet just threw it on there


3/17/2009 9:32 PM

love the seat.... and idk why but it looks sooo low


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3/17/2009 9:34 PM

i like the seat to, its surprisingly comfy


3/17/2009 10:23 PM

i love it ted


3/18/2009 12:43 AM

iphillteddy wrote:

i like the seat to, its surprisingly comfy

why do you care how comfy your seat is if you slam it anyways? i mean i have mine like 2inches out but i dont sit down. and dont care if its comfortable.


3/18/2009 3:15 AM

i dont know why people are getting this frame its so ugly


3/18/2009 8:57 AM

its a sick frame looks sweet man
good choice


3/18/2009 11:25 AM

i like low frames. id just get new cranks. ive cracked two of those 720 arms while they were still warentied and got new ones, but other than that its nice


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