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7/26/2011 1:30 AM

Hey guys iv created a new BMX blog ( ) so could yall get on their, follow if you like it and could you click on the ad's please
post your blog and ill do the same.
cheers guys


7/26/2011 5:21 AM

I used to blog, but everyone was just posting the same stuff, all the new videos on ride. Now I only post original material. Needles to say, my views have dropped from about 30 a day to maybe 2. Good luck.
P.s. lets see that "cool story bro" thing.


I know this is a chain tool, but what am i gunna do wit' it?

7/28/2011 2:53 AM

Cool story
but any way you should do it, we got edit's and other stuff up there wich this site dont and we will have the od origanal material.
me and my mate are making and edit atm