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5/30/2019 8:32 PM

I'm brand new as a member here, so I can imagine how all or some of this may come off as sophomorish.

I'm wondering where people get their news from regarding BMX (the freestyle, street, dirt jumping, vert side of things). I have followed BMX since the mid 80s and been a rider for most of that.

RideBMX stopped publishing in print a while ago and the website left us. But even before that, there was a void for me. The paper mag became less and less about what I would call news a long time ago. One person even had a letter published in the paper mag once about why they didn't cover contests anymore, and the answer made a lot of sense: contests were covered with the website, other websites, ESPN, etc. in relative real time so why put out a story weeks or months later in print? Except there were always stories behind the stories that might be interesting.

And the online Ride website could cover things in real time that are the behind the scenes type of stuff. I always wonder why this guy or that guy doesn't even show up at a contest--or didn't compete. I found that one guy I admired had completely left the industry--he had been gone for months (or years?)--before I realized there was a whole story to that departure. To me, he was just a guy who hadn't shown up for a while.

So, how do people follow the industry these days? Is it an issue of following every single rider, photographer, company, etc. on twitter? On snapchat? On facebook? Do people follow 50 or so riders, companies, etc.? This puts me at a real disadvantage as I don't have any of those. My wife has facebook and I can only imagine how much it would take to follow all these people.

I know there's a lot of ignorance in this question and I'm ready for that. I've got thick skin. And I found my way to this website a while ago looking for more info, so this is an obvious start. It has great things, but as near as I can tell, it doesn't feel like a somewhat complete news source.

Fire away,
and thanks,
Mike Todd
aka "Ballsout" from the Monterrey Area


5/30/2019 10:37 PM
Edited Date/Time: 5/30/2019 10:39 PM

BMX has taken a turn towards the online realm for nearly everything related to BMX in general.

In regards to things like social media, I feel as if Instagram has become sort of like the hub for BMX announcements and news. Tons and tons of people follow easily above 50 accounts (many follow hundreds) whether they're BMX companies, action sports companies that relate to BMX (like Red Bull, Monster Energy, etc.), or individual riders, it seems that anything and everything can be found there in the app. For me, I only follow the riders that I really enjoy watching and want to "keep up with" in BMX. Maybe 100 or so.

It's simply convenient and quick, say, for example, for a rider to announce a new signature part in a matter of seconds through an Instagram post, and with much of the well-known riders having huge followings on Insta, news will spread like wildfire. Same goes for riders announcing things like leaving a team, riders coming out with new edits, companies showing new products, and everything else in between. It's very instant and in-the-moment compared to a magazine that has to go through many more steps than just pressing a "post" button.


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5/31/2019 4:33 AM, fudger Jeff z etc continuing on after ride was canned.


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5/31/2019 6:51 AM

I curate my BMX news feed/s using the equivalent of RSS apps (aggregators?). Showing my age now - haha

Lately I've been using Feedly (the free version - because screw their insane subscription fees) but there are many others to choose from.

This approach allows me to keep everything in one place and negates the need for scanning my respective Twiiter, FB, Snap (et. al) apps just to get my BMX fix. + I don't like social media algorithms deciding what they think I should see.

Sources I currently harvest into this app are: Vital, Dig, Ourbmx, Bmx Union, The Come Up and Ride.
I'm sure there are many more for me to discover and will be checking back on this topic with interest.

I still follow my favourite individuals/riders on Insta and YouTube by way of support and to get their personal take on BMX.


5/31/2019 7:47 AM

dedalus5550 wrote:

I'm brand new as a member here, so I can imagine how all or some of this may come off as sophomorish.

I'm wondering where ...more

Get Instagram, follow only people you want to follow. If people start clouding your feed with BS, mute their posts and stories.

Get a YouTube account and follow:

Scotty Cranmer
Odyssey BMX
Brant Moore


From there, suggestions will start to pop up thanks to algorithms.


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5/31/2019 7:59 AM



5/31/2019 8:43 AM

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