BMX with a knee replacement

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5/31/2016 11:05 PM

Sorry if this is long as fuck but hey im 21 and i have had acl reconstruction surgery on my right knee in the past and havent had any issues but as time went on and i kept progressing i eventually started fucking up my left knee repeatable and refused to see a doctor mainly cause i knew how to strengthen and get my flexibily back everytime ( i probably injured it 6+ times over the course of 5 years and it would swell up till it looked like i had a muffin top growing out of my knee) but every time it would get better and had no issues and i would continue to ride. well around a year and half ago i went to a festival for a weekend and by the end of it started to swell up from just walking, so i finally went and had my doctor check it out and told me my meniscus was screwed and they could go in and do arthroscopic surgery, well i guess after the surgery the doctor told my mom my cartilage was so bad that he basically told her he did his best... at this point i started looking into yoga which did wonders as long as did it before my seshes, which would take an hour out of my time to do, well one week i got impatient and went to oppo (switch) feeble a high ledge and bailed by putting my leg down and it just caved in, and just like before didnt see a doctor and strengthened it up and it got better, well long story short fucked it again two months ago and this time it hasnt gotten better, swelling is gone but it pops alot and aches a shit ton and hurts if i turn just right ( i still ride but with a brace and the pain is bearable ) and i just got my mri results just today and basically told me i tore my acl, i have hair line fractures everywhere and my cartilage is like gone... my mom thinks there gonna suggest a knee replacement, but words cant describe how much i love to ride regardless of my injuries and was wondering if anyone on here has had any knee replacements and continues to ride, and if i did go through with it could i ride if i got a fancy carbon fiber brace and did yoga and maybe not push my self as hard, would i be able to ride? or is just not worth it anymore...


6/1/2016 1:32 PM

I would as what the doctor advises, and then consider a road bike for strengthening your knees, and PADS. And also learn to ride differently. When I wrecked my shoulder I figured out how to ride without using it the same way, and then eventually it healed "enough" to use it again. That was 12 years ago. It creaks, pops, clicks and hurts periodically.

Take time, heal correctly, and take it easy.


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6/4/2016 10:47 PM

Email me about this. I did the same thing and in school for PT and nutrition.

I know how to help this problem, it's literally up to you to do it of course.